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Game On!

My 1st OUA Game!

rain 18 °C


Woke up still tired after 10 hours sleep but managed to pull myself out of bed and up for my first game as a Ryerson Ram! It was a wet start to the day and a home game! So met up with the guys and Tony at 10:15 (well the rest of the team turned up in dribs and drabs later on).

So the starting 11 were picked and we went to the pitch to warm up. We knew we had to win this game to get high in the table and raise morale for tomorrows game!

It was neck and neck all the way through the game with the odd strike from the Lakers here and there and we struck the crossbar just before half time!

Tony made some changes to liven up the midfield during the first half and decided to make another about 10 minutes into the second half! We started off on a high with 2 chances in the first minute of the restart. The second half was our's really as we dominated the midfield and our defence was top notch.

On the 65th minute we had the ball outside the 18 yard line when Moses struck the ball as it hit the net and bounced back out! Was it in or was it out! The decision was out as it it the bar on the side of the net where it joins the cross bar and post but because it hit the net, confusion between the linesmen and ref caused chaos with the players on the pitch.

The last 10 minutes was our's for the taking with chances. Duca took it round the keeper only to lose power at the last hurdle and get it cleared from the line, Radu came close but fumbled over the ball and lost it towards the keeper.

It was a frustrating game for everyone as the game finished 0-0, where we should have nailed at least 2 goals in both halves. It was a good game for the spectators and everyone else...

....including me who was on the bench


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Seconds Anyone?

They Liked Me!

sunny 22 °C


Had my second tryout session today with Tony this time (guy I've been constantly getting in touch with about all this!). Anyway, Training went well, must have run for miles as Tony cancelled the training for friday as we all have this day off at Ryerson and we all march down Yonge Street to the Toronto Islands. However I have a meeting at the Athletic Centre at Ryerson at 2:30pm so I can't go to the islands tomorrow but I am here for a year so I'll probs go another day. Hopefully I might get picked for one of three games we have this week. Saturday and Sunday at noon and then I think we have a game on Wednesday so yeah like you said mum, the training will undo the effect of my junkie drinking and food habits. I think after today's session, by the end of the month I shall be twice as fit as I am now! Two hours a day 5 times a week all free too! Plus I have a free gym here at Wycik!

So looking good for me at the moment but still not had a definate answer from the squad so fingers crossed!


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They Think It's All Over!

Rams Football Tryouts!

rain 17 °C


Well I'm absolutly, well and truly knackered! Met up with the Ryerson University Football (Not "Soccer", us English invented the sport!) team for tryouts as a goalkeeper! To be honest I'm a little rusty as the last time I played as a goalkeep for a team, I was 11 years old.

Anyway Ricardo (Goalkeeping Coach) was quite impressed with me and I thought my basketball handling did get in the way sometimes with the way I handled the ball! So into game situations and I was okay, not the best but okay! (Well it is my first go so cut me some slack).

The final result: They want me back for a second try out and pretty much keep training with them so pretty much I am on the squad but just not set in stone as such! So Go Me Go!

Well I'm knackered and I am losing the sense in my arms and they are getting heavier and heavier so I am going to go now and catch up on some free food.


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Let the Bordem Begin!

First Day of Uni!

overcast 20 °C


First day of uni yesterday here in Toronto and guess what? I was in at 8am so first thing really. Geaography and GIS, which is a first year module was taught by a Yorkshireman. Falling asleep at the back even with an early night (before 11pm), which for a student is early before people start commenting on me on that one!

Next lecture was at 2pm with Doug Banting and Geography and the Physical Enviroment! Doug was a bit more lively (maybe because it was later i don't know). Sounds like fun these lessons and still waiting for Friday when we march down Yonge Street to the Toronto Islands for a laugh! Like a uni day off which was arranged by students and the uni have just accepted it after a few years.

So the hard, long and boring part of this trip begins.


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You can always go Downtown

Another Orientation

rain 17 °C


Yet again up early after a drinking night and for another orientation! Well scavenger hunt! Well just walking round the city in the rain! Actually it was the tail end of a hurricane! But anyway back to the point. It was good actually training to cram into a video booth with 10 international students so was kinda cramped up but was good fun.

Went here, there and everywhere in the city and even got lost! Yes the canadians got us lost in Toronto! Well it wasn't hard to do that down in PATH.

Finished off back at Ryerson and about 2 stone heavier in rain filled jeans and hoodies.

Bring on Tuesday when lectures begin and I'm in at 8am for a lab session!

Better get some sleep during my day off.


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