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First Meeting!

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Well, first meeting with everybody on the exchange, which was scary at first but I liked it! We started off with a piece of paper with a word on it, mine was "care" and we had to all get up and find the connecting piece of paper (Like a jigsaw) and when we found our partner sit down and get to know them. Damn I was lucky! My matching word was "health" (so health care) and the person who had it was a girl called Becks from Eds, Scotland. She went crazy to find out I was English and since she arrived with her friend I was the first Brit she met! She was so cool pretty much was into similar things and what we had been upto since we got to Toronto etc etc! So Louie called my a lucky B****** you get the message! So we were talking for ages and she does Human Resources so not quite linked to mine but there is some link to geography there!

So Pizza and Pop for lunch (all you can eat) so being students, Giulia, Reb, Louise and Chris grabbed a box and filled it full of Pizza to take home for tonight.

Went to see Stephen Swales finally to sort out my timetable and yes i have a three day weekend every week and to top it off I'm off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but also not in lectures til 3pm on Monday!

Doing 4 modules this semester along with Field and Research Techniques from MMU and then 4 or 5 modules in the Winter Semester along with F+RT. Took us a while to get started with it all but it is all done now!

Another boozer tonight starting at Rams (Local Pub) so yeah hopefully get to meet the guys and girls and have some fun tonight.


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Campus tour! Not for us!

Here there and everywhere

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Went to Ryerson to sort out my Univeristy Health Insurance Policy today or UHIP as its known to other people! So got sent all over the campus as the student helpers didn't have a clue either!

So finally after a while we got the UHIP sorted but then we needed to find Prof. Stephen Swales about our courses here, so naturally we got sent around the campus again! We found Christina's replacement at the office around 1pm after waiting all day to see her! Took forever! Well we finally met Stephen but the systems were down so we couldn't sort out our courses! Waste of time, however, we discovered that Stephen is from Yorkshire so he is a die hard middlesborough fan! and We bumped into another guy from Bolton who was part of the department! Well Bolton is better than Middlesborough! Lancastrians sticking together...yeah...

So yeah, also had the BBQ today, was kinda rubbish! We also like stayed as a group of 8 (Christabel, Giulia, Reb, Andrew, Luke, Kat, Louie and well me!) We went for a few bevies afterwards but to be honest I'm not used to starting boozers at 7pm so it felt wierd coming home and typing this blog at 11pm, which is early for a student! So we went to Wycik and had a pizza and a drink or "pop" as it is in Canada! Bless them! Was a good night I think in the end. Had loads of laughs with the Aussies and the MMU gang.


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Ryerson University

Starting Up

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Well it was my first day at Ryerson University. Chris and I had nothing to do so we decided to get our Ryerson One cards (ID Cards) and go to the exchange office. We met some cool guys who talked to us about all sorts of stuff and was surprised that I was staying for the whole year! I guess not alot of people stay that long on an exchange.

But then they sent us to the other side of the campus (it was only a block so didn't matter that much) and we picked up our ID cards and registered for our online stuff and library stuff and all that jazz!

However we were sent all over the bloody place looking for our UHIP forms. This was at 2pm and Chris just found them in our welcome packs....It's now 12:45 tuesday morning!

We shall see how things go from the 5th when the real business starts!


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