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So They Begin Again...

...Mid Term Exams

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Thats right! Mid Term examinations are back at Ryerson...god damn it! Luckily it was only a 50 minute paper for Cyberspace Geography. So the paper wasn't great but atleast I got through it. The hardest part of the paper for me was how to combine different ideas and put it down on paper. Writing about each one seperately was fine but when I had to combine them and include mine so that they would all relate was difficult.

So one down though, which means one less set of subject readings for me to do during reading week. It's going to be so nice to have a break from uni for a change...okay I know I've just had almost a month off at Christmas but I'm only going to make that one week as I had two weeks here in Toronto before I came home and then I worked for a week back home. Anyway to save argument, I just need a break from uni.

Apart from that, its going really well for me here at Ryerson well so far so good especially with my project proposals for Cyberspace Geography (which is tourism based) and then Resource & Environmental Management (which is energy based...also why I asked you guys back home to do some research for me when I didn't have the Internet).

Anyways I best be off now


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They Think Its All Over

....Well It Is For This Semester

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I've finally finished my exams for this semester...woohoo! So I now have ten days to rest until I come home! I am now half way through my exchange period with Ryerson University and so far like I said it has been really good! I have kind of limited myself with mingling with students in my classes as really I have stuck around with Kat, Chris, Louie and John who apart from one unit have been in all my classes. To be honest I was pretty much expecting a slightly heavier work load as it seems like everybody is studying and it seems like out of all the departments we seem to do the least work or spend the least time in university! Well compared with other exchange students anyway. However, I must admit that I have probably spent more time on campus here at Ryerson than I did at Manchester Metropolitan and that is even before you include the Ram. Campus life here seems to be like its own little world in Toronto and not many people venture out off campus unless its downtown to go shopping. Then again thinking about it, most people on campus are underage for drinking so they don't hit the downtown area for nights out!

Anyways for some pictures of the campus just check out my website in the picture diary as I seem to go on a frenzy around now as I am getting ready to come home now! So I guess I will re-start this blog when I come back as classes start on the 8th of January!


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One Down!

One to Go!

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Well I am officially half way through my exam period of a whole two exams! Finished my global exam today and I think it went rather well actually! Early rise this morning as it started at 8am, which sucks big time! Louie turned up 10 minutes late for the exam and just casually walks in and was looking around before he actually sat down so he wasted another five minutes but to me it was quite funny to watch as at times he looked lost and confused before he sat down...probs still asleep like the rest of us were for that exam.

So 20 multiple choice questions, four essay questions and two hours later we were done! Finally, so only one more left to go on Saturday morning 9am for Geography & the Physical Environment with Dougie so us Brits are having a study session tomorrow straight after I have finished work so see how that goes!

So catch you later


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Classes Are Over

Well For This Semester Anyway!

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Well just a quick reminder that I have finished classes for the semester now! Just have my two finals to go through now! I have a global shift exam on Thursday 7th at 8am and then on Saturday 9th at 9am. This kind of suck as the Manchester Derby is on at the same time! Both Louie and I were devastated when we found out but oh well!

So classes weren't so bad I reckon. GEO141 - Geography and GIS took me back to highschool and college with some work but the GIS was better as we actually did some over here instead of using GIS software to determine that Reddish is more deprived than Cheadle Hulme...I knew that without a computer having to work it out!

GEO 313 - Physical Geography and the Environment kind of swung me back to preferring physical geography over human geography with hints at possible third year project ideas like hydro management plus the career options which follow after that project, especially in water resource management. Dougie was a laugh at times especially when addressing us Brits. Probably the only thing I'll remember is "ET = PE except if the system is out of water" for soil content equations.

GEO 372 - Global Shift in the 21st Century was pretty much like last year at university but with one teacher instead of 6 last year. I've never seen a teacher waffle on without a break for 3 hours straight. There was so much to learn in this topic but it was so good on information plus the topics for the assignments were good I thought with a territorial profile of a country which has come around since 1945 and then we had a corporation profile which I based mine on AstraZeneca, an English/Swedish company in the pharmaceutical industry.

GEO 542 - Introduction to Remote Sensing. I thought this was a first year course as it had the word introduction and to be honest so did Tim back home who helped me to select which units to do. Turns out it was a third year course and you needed to have done a first year cartography unit beforehand... luckily my assignments weren't rock solid even without the cartography notes. But this subject was probably the most interesting for me anyway with using satellite data and imagery around the world etc and then interpret the data which is more like the GIS I'm into which is good for me.

So yeah so far this semester has been really good with the lecturers making the classes slightly more bareable than back home with the odd jokes and remarks etc especially in Dougie's classes and it was more the mickey taking in global and remote sensing and it was actually quite funny to find that Stephen's (Geography & GIS) English humour hadn't gone yet and at times he would confused the Canadians but it would be quite amusing to the four of us who were in his class (Louie, Kat, Chris and I). Anyways a good start and lets see if its the same next semester after the Christmas break.


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Ladies & Gentlemen!

Thanks Dave For Stealing Our Introduction!

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Well Thursday night was the night! I had to give a presentation to everyone in this exchange event. There were only a few hundred people (probs 250 max) but still a lot of people! The only problem is that I am not the most confident of public speaker.

Lucky for me was that me presentation with Alex only had to be five minutes long. However before and after it was better for me with free food and drinks and just chatting to students who are going on exchange and people who had just come back from exchanges and still there was a fascination with the whole English accent! Apparently it's sexy! and very, very attractive!

So afterwards Matty and I headed out to the Ram to get some post event drinks with the exchange students. I had to run back home and grab my ID and some money and then when i got to the Ram they had all buggered off! Luckily I dumped into a few people I knew who had a cell fone so i could call Matty and find out where he was. Found him in the end and then got quite smashed. Was a good night just chilling with the guys and girls especially the ones who came back from exchanges because the stories Matty had to say about his troubles in Europe but overall good fun!

Okay I'm going to finish here as I'm drifting away from the academics side to this blog as this is about Ryerson and not the after party!


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